say goodbye to

sourcing friction

say goodbye to sourcing friction

Why We Got Started

We started MerchBlock to disrupt the way companies make products overseas.  The traditional sourcing strategies typically require high overhead, risk and time, which instantly puts a limit on business potential.  As a result, too often we see brand owners dealing with quality, transparency, and delay issues when factories fail to live up to their promises.  We got frustrated with seeing amazing marketing teams with great ideas having to face the complexity and uncertainty involved in sourcing even the simplest of products in Asia.

Coming from a production background and having run operations of numerous projects in China since 2007, I teamed up with world-class sourcing experts and software engineers to rethink the outdated models and de-risk production forever.

Through the MerchBlock system, we are raising the bar on production simplicity, so you can focus energy on what matters most – delivering value to as many people as possible. 

Welcome to Production for the Digital Era.

  • Denis Save, Founder
  • San Francisco
  • Toronto
  • Hong Kong
  • Xiamen
  • Yiwu
  • Qingdao

The Team

We’ve spent 10k+ hours on production so that you don’t have to

We’ve spent 10k hours on production

so that you don’t have to

denis save founder merchblock

Denis Save

Founder & CEO

  • Hong Kong

Keith Lee


  • China

Quincy Lui

vp sourcing

  • China

Ivan Juravlev

SR. quality assurance

  • China

Yan Su

sr. production manager

  • China

Ruslan Shapiro

devops engineer

  • Toronto

Igor Mohnatkin

sr. software architect

  • Toronto

Anicca Deji

sr. account manager

  • Hong Kong

Yuri Lazar

vp business development

  • Toronto

How We Are Different


Designed for 100% hands-off operation, data access, and maximum flexibility


Have real-time visibility into the production process


Sustainable materials, safety, and fair methods are the default standard for MB clients


We take responsibility for delivering what we promise, consistently


Our team directly controls the supply chain without relying on middlemen


We enforce strict non-disclosure, non-use, non-compete terms across the supply chain

Imagine enterprise level manufacturing without having to spend time at factories

We have capabilities to handle the full project range from simple to complex, and augment client teams in optimizing design for production


End-to-end OEM/ODM services for private label, new concept, replication, custom work orders. 

Fulfillment integration, SEA/AIR freight, express courier, brokerage, insurance, lot/serial coding, labeling, FBA compliance, optimizing for shipping.

Market standard certification, QC/QA, safety, secrecy, non-circumvention, IP registration and enforcement.

Intuitive workflows, real-time status alerts, monitoring tools, reporting, secure multi-user support

We guarantee quality with a fair returns policy and always look for ways to minimize defect rates.

Take Production to the Next Level

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Unlike factory matching platforms, we directly set up and manage production without relying on middlemen.
  • Our team is both local and overseas based – i.e. north american agreement, with majority of production overseas.
  • We are not a sourcing agent connecting clients to factories, but rather take on full legal responsibility for each unit delivered.
  • We place client relationship and communication at the forefront, while preserving domain expertise in the “back end”.
  • We provide dedicated account support, in your language.
  • We are the only true complete delegation supplier with account management software for as many users as required by your organization.
  • We set up our own on-site quality inspection methods and test EACH units for quality before shipping.
  • We help companies build superstar brands, not merely supply products.

Merchblock Portal App is FREE forever. It is used by current clients and companies interested in implementing their projects with us. The App is designed for the ultimate level of delegation – in other words, simplicity, transparency and automation for all stages (from sampling to manufacturing and delivery).

We do NOT dropship. We handle all production aspects of private label goods across a range of categories, including both custom design products (e.g. Kickstarter) as well as more generic items (e.g. pet supplies).

Our clients are always secured under a comprehensive confidentiality agreement, which is binding in jurisdiction of their choice. Several protective tactics are used when working with proprietary concepts. Such strategies usually include:

  • approaching a few carefully pre-selected suppliers and avoiding “shotgun” sourcing approach;
  • splitting tooling and components orders among different unrelated suppliers;
  • setting up assembly “in-house”;
  • working only with pre-qualified factories;
  • signing strict binding NNN agreements with all suppliers;
  • helping clients register and enforce key trademarks and designs in the producing country.

Quality control happens at multiple production stages, from as early as design to packing for delivery. While zero defect is next to impossible, several best practices help us minimize & detect quality issues:

  • selecting only high quality components;
  • organizing production lines with QC procedures at multiple points;
  • training workers for self-QC;
  • sending senior QC manager to check all units before shipping;
  • creating feedback loops for continuous improvements.

The QC manager is responsible for monitoring that quality process is followed at every stage, correcting defective outputs, and reporting results/incidents.

Simply put, we produce most durable consumer goods. We do not handle foods and high-tech products. In the past, our team has handled a diverse range of products across 24+ categories, and we are always excited to help clients innovate by enabling the production of new concepts or incorporating unique features into existing products.

Follow link to learn more about our areas of expertise.

Presently all MerchBlock customers are companies located in US and Canada. They are predominantly e-commerce businesses with a core focus on marketing and branding, who prefer to delegate production and enjoy hands-off management of their sourcing and supply functions.

Most of our clients simply purchase products from MerchBlock while they own their brand and inventory fully. In some cases we partner with companies under the MerchBlock Partnership Program to bring products to market together, which typically correspond to a niche opportunity in a familiar segment. Terms of partnership may involve co-investing and co-marketing in different proportions, and always involve brand co-ownership. However, one of our core principles is that we never compete with our clients within market segments in which they operate.

It is valid to say that our production methods and expertise are universally applicable in any industrial country. Aside from China, our team is comfortable operating in Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand. For some products, we have strategically located production in USA and Canada.